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I am thinking of changing to a Gwagen,

12-20-2003, 03:10 PM
I currently Drive a 95 C220 which is begining to nickel and dime (actually with MBs its more $5 and $10, but no matter) me to death. Lots of little things going. It has 162600 mi on it, and 38k of which have been very abusive, and the car has been in more than a few accidents.

I am getting fed up with my cars electrical gremlins, yet I still want something as solid and durable as a Mercedes-Benz.

I love my car (still) for its amazing ability to cruise at speeds well in excess 0f 100 mph with a kind of composure not found in most cars at 65.

But I have problems: first the cost of repairs, as I said, is driving me nuts, second, I've been in a number of accidents, 2 filed with insurance, that were my fault (not at speed, BTW). so 3 I cannot afford to get any points on my licsence, lest the insurance company find me a bad risk.

So I am looking for a car with the Mercedes-Benz feeling of solidity without the Mercedes-Benz electrical headaches. (Yes, they are reliable, yes they never break down, and yes they last forever, but don't count on any power accessories to survive with it).

So I want a MB devoid of pointless electronic accessories, such as power seats, automatic climate control, dual reclining cupholders, etc. I want an interior that will take anything. I want a engine that can run the odometer over. And I want it to be slow. But not too slow.

The average speed on the fasted road I drive on is 80. I would like it to be able to obtain that, and be able to cruise easily at 75.

The cars I am interested are the old G-Wagens. I do not want to have to spend much out of pocket cash, so I would like it to be not much more money than I can sell my 1995 C-Class, which is otherwise in good condition.

I prefer diesel, but if that would be unable to obtain my speed requirements, or be too expensive, I can settle for a gas motor.

Any suggestions as to prices? What can I get for less than 10k? Anything in particular I should look for?

I want a radio, preferably, and the heater would be nice. I don't really care what it looks like, so long as it is structurally sound. I want the drive train (engine, tranny, and rear wheel diff/axle) to be in tip top shape. I don't need 4 wheel drive to work, but i'd like it. I prefer an Automatic, although I'd rather have 4WD than an automatic.

I know its a Mercedes, and it is military spec, so mileage is basically irellevant. Any Ideas where to look, how much, and any problems I should particularly look for?

MB tech
12-21-2003, 09:13 PM
Yes there area few old gwagons around but good luck finding one for around 10k. But however they are a go anywhere vehical but if you do find one be prepaired for rattles. Sorry can't tell you much about the gwagon especally the older ones we don't have any illiegal alians that come to the shop. However we do have someone that comes to the shop who has on olderone with a diesel and he says he likes it other than the rattles guess that's why he wants no rattles in his G55. Good luck in your search. If you do find one at a good price Have a dealership give it a once over so you are sure what you are getting.

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