New to Euro Supercars

12-15-2003, 08:27 PM
Hey guys,

I'm more of an American muscle fan but I was arguing with some British guy so I figured I should learn more about some European cars so I can really know about them. He mentioned this car as one of the good ones.
Can anybody tell me some specs of this car. Also how does this thing match up compared to a Saleen S7? I'm not here to diss on any cars I'm just here to find out some infomation on some European supercars.

White Riot
12-16-2003, 06:03 PM
this is not an S7 competitor, anyway, this is faar cheaper.

0-60 - 4.2 secs
0-100 - 9.5 secs
top speed - 180MPH


0-60 - 3.8 secs
0-100 - 8.1 secs
topspeed - 180 +

T440R (TuscanR)( estimate by me)

0-60 - 3.6 secs
0-100 - under 8
0-150 - about 15 secs
topspeed - 215 mph

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