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scirocco running problem

12-07-2003, 09:26 AM
i recently changed cam belt and o/s crank seal and os engine mount
whilst driving back the car broke down by juddering as if fuel starvation - i continued for a while by dropping clutch and in effect bump starting as the clutch reengaged.
eventually this wouldnt work so came to a halt.
the car would then turn over and fire up but would not hold idle - even with throttle applied.
upon further inspection found a wire had severed to the cold start valve - (must have snapped on jacking the engine during the mount change) by holding the wire back together and cranking engine , the engine started and ran sweet - so figured this must be the problem.
following morning i reconnected the wire but strangely the engine would still would not run past intial firing.
every time i try - the engine fires and runs briefly but then dies.
The fuel pump can be heard running at the back of the car on starting/there is plenty of fuel pressure

i had heard a whining coming from the rear of the car and have since read on forums about thepressure pump in fuel tank? - is there two pumps at the rear near or in the fuel tank?because as i said i can hear one running on start up back there.

i have also recently had to replace the wiper relay and the relay that runs the heater etc - could the fuel pump relay be knackered even though it seems to be firing up - is the fuelk pump relay operating the fuel pump near or in the fuel tank or the one in the engine bay or all?

does anyone know if this is common and what i should do - ?
hope someone can help.

12-17-2003, 03:40 PM
If it is a DOHC it is a possibility that the key that holds the upper cam on has sheered....that is what happened to the one I used to drive....same symptoms(minus the fuel pump noises). If you drive at the redline a lot like I did then it is a good possibility....try taking your upper cam pully off and if the key(bolt) that is holding it on breaks easy you are gonna need a new motor....that is a somewhat common problem with the scirocco(Srocket as I call them) because it has an interference motor.....call your local VW mechanic if need real technical info cause you probably won't find too many of the same answers posted on here for you....and they are a pain to work on so not many people know a whole lot about them....good luck

12-17-2003, 07:13 PM
Thanx for the info mate - dohc, is that double overhead cam? - i hope so cos i dont wanna be looking for a new engine - its an 8v single cam, im gonna have a good look this weekend - hopefully get a solution.

01-10-2004, 11:26 PM
I don't know if you found the problem with your car, but if the car is one of the last ones with the good FI you might have also messed up the wires going to the water temperature sensor it is up on the neck of the water return port. (its the one that goes to the upper radiator hose.) Check those sensors I believe there are two of them.BB

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