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Infiniti G35 Aftermarket Audio Upgrades

DiGital Infiniti
11-15-2003, 07:27 PM
Well, I see that my question has been toyed around with in several posts before with no answers. I'll try again:

Does anyone have any solutions or resources for the lot of us that want to modify our existing audio system in the G35 Coupe? The Clarion and Bose system may not be bad, but it surely isn't the best. (I dabble in quality audio, not competition- Dual 4 ch. McIntosh amps, MB Quart all around, Memphis amp and JL W7 sub, Kenwood Excelon MP3 Deck, etc.) I would like to connect SOMETHING,ANYTHING- up to this system without cutting the dash trim or removing the DVD Nav system. Does anyone have ANY suggestions?

At the least, I am looking to connect the amps up to the stock deck (any component audio out?) and hook up an MP3 changer, etc. to it?

Oh, God, someone please help me!

(P.S.- Does anyone have the specs of the Clarion deck (Audio In/Out, RMS W/Ch. Aux, etc.?)

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