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96 Mystique 2.5L

11-06-2003, 09:45 AM
I have a 96 Mystique with the duratec 2.5L engine and it has the cd4e transmission. The transmission went out and I had it replaced with a "new" used one.After that I drove about 10 miles and the car turned off.....Being highly aggrivated I puished the car back to my house with a pickup truck. I did some looking at the car and I found the EEC fuse had popped. That is the Engine Electronic Control fuse. I replaced the fuse and tried to start the car. It started perfectly and ran wonderful....IN PARK. When I put it into drive and stepped on the gas the car started to move and went about 10 feet and then again the fuse popped. I took it to Aamco transmission, and they said it needed a new transmission. After 2 weeks and quite a bit money later i picked up my car and had it towed to another place. They said its not the transmission its somethin electrical. After another mass amount of money and 30 miles later I have no clue what the problem is. I looked at the car last night and I found that i cannot get the fuse to pop. BUT.....it will shut off the engine when the gas is pressed UNLESS I press the gas very slowly. The transmission does clunk when it is put into gear yet it does work. The engine is making an external ticking noiuse......soiunds like something near the pulleys. It goes away sometimes whgen the gas is pressed. It is also spitting a LARGE ammount of fluid out of the exhaust pipe. seems like it wants to run but something is stopping it. I am tired of having 5 different professional mechanics tell me 5 diffrent things. Anyone have any suggestions at all? I know one thing thats a fact and that is that i will NEVER own another FORD or Mercury in my life again. The taurus story is another book! Thanks in advance for any responses!........Jeremy

01-21-2004, 07:08 PM
I know that you don't have the tools, but here's what to do.

Once the EEC fuse has blown, there is a short to ground. Install a breakout box to computer/powertrain module. Using a volt meter (set to ohms w/ car OFF) probe all wire terminals of breakout box to see which is going to ground (that should not be). Identify the wire in the wire diaphragm (FORD repair manual, Haynes manual, Mitchell-On Deman, etc.), then locate the circuit/connector/sensor and inspect it for damage.

More than likely, the replacing the transmission resulted in damaging a wire/connector/sensor/relay.

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