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Navigation On The G-unitz

11-03-2003, 02:27 PM
ive been looking at all the pictures...b/c im about to buy one with a navigation...and all the pics are "bird-eye" views...is that the only way it comes in...or are there other points of view...does the navigation talk to you...etc etc...and finally ive got a question on the nav-tv...how does that all work...is it Cable TV on the Go or something...haha...b/c im thinking about hooking up a PS2 to the navigation...after i find out more information on it...i went to the dealers...but all the dealers try to do...is make you test drive the vehicle and try to make you purchase the vehicle...dont get me wrong...they are of great help when it comes to asking questions....FINALLY...if anybody wants to buy a set of rims...please email me at vakharia01@hotmail.com...im a dealer in Atlanta, GA...i carry a wide variety of rim...so contact me for pricing...


11-12-2003, 10:16 PM
The view on the NAV can be toggled between 'birds eye' and a regular 2-D "top down" view.

The NAV has voice guidance but NOT voice recognition. You have to get an M45 or Q45 to get voice recognition.

NAV-TV is possible through the replacement of parts of the NAV and DVD player (I think) - but isn't available stock of course. If you're really serious about this, let me know in your reply and I can direct you to some URL's with information on how to go about doing it. I have not heard of anyone getting 'Cable on the Go' or of having SAT TV in their car - people are installing TV capability to be able to play DVD's.

As to dealers and their knowledge - I find that I know double what most sales consultants know about the car. Not that I'm bragging or anything - the sales consultant is supposed to be an expert in selling really - not in cars! Those experts you will hopefully find in the service department! :grinno:

- Riff

11-25-2003, 02:14 PM
I am very interested in some information on the NAV TV..does that mean I can watch TV while driving down the road, or DVD's? I see posts on EBAY for the wiring, but am a little weary about cutting wires...please let me know your thoughts.
PS I agree with you about the sales reps...they can sell, but I seem to know more about the car than they do...and I don't even own it yet...

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