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ATTN: All Canadians - New Magazine

Canada Tuner
10-24-2003, 02:49 AM
** this is not a commercial post, rather a chance for the people of this forum to get some exposure. i could not find a better place to post this, so if it is against the rules, please feel free to delete/move the post **

Want to have your car in a magazine? Here's your chance.

We are starting a new magazine featuring Canadian import cars and content. We need feature cars for our premier issue, as well as some other content, which is why we have come to you.

We are looking for 5 cars to be featured with pictorials and full articles. If you would like to have your car featured. Respond to this post with the following:

Feature Car
-Full Name
-Job Title
-Full Mod List (broken down by category)
-Lots of pictures

If applicable:
-HP/TQ numbers form dyno (dyno sheet a bonus)
-1/4 mile times (timeslip a bonus)

Now, just because you respond with the above does not mean your car will be featured (obviously). Also- this is not the only forum this will be posted on, so the competition will be greater than some of you will think.

If your car is chosen, we will then contact you by email and talk more in depth about your car, so that we can prepare a good article about you and your car.

If you don't feel yourcar has what it takes to be featured, but still want to give some content, there are other areas of the magazine where content is needed:

Tech Articles

We need some technical/how-to articles. These can be anything from installing a steering wheel to swapping an engine. If you have done any modifications to your car, and documented it well, then please fel free to submit the following information:

-Year, Make, Model
-What is being done
-Step by Step process
-picutres (numbered by step)
-tools needed
-time required to do the job
-and of course, difficulty level.

This is not all that we need for the magazine, obviously, but this is all that we are asking of you guys for now.

If you have any other comments/suggestions - any form of input, what you would like to see in the magazine/not see, etc. then PLEASE let us know.

If you have anything you would like to say/ask but don't want to post it in the public - you can email us at canadatuner@glausers.com, and we will respond accordingly.

The magazine will not be out for a number of months, but the preparations are underway, so stay tuned.

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