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Official update on donations

09-04-2003, 10:32 PM
Every person that donates at this point will be able to choose your own custom title and have special AF donor stars under the username. Also, It is important to note that every person that donates is placed in a new usergroup that will receive all benefits of subscription members if and when such a system is ever created. Subscription members will receive more features than regular members and will be the key financial benefactors to the website. The fact that if such a service is ever created it will cost significantly more than the accepted donation amount at this point should go without mentioning. This is your chance to plan for the future and get a deal and help out all at the same time!

To Donate, Click The Donate image you see above next to the curent AF Server Fund Status. NOTE: Please be sure to include your username in the comments area during the donation process so that your username can be moved to the new usergroup and you receive the special features.

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