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Arnage Shooting Brake (Estate/Station Wagon)

08-02-2003, 10:21 AM

02-02-2004, 06:33 AM
How could someone destroy the beautiful lines of the Arnage this way? :eek: :mad:

02-19-2004, 04:33 AM
Ugh...that just ruins the delicate lines of the Arnage. I hate the way the rear window looks like it's sagging. If you look at the design of conventional estates (Mercedes C/E Class, BMW 3/5 Series), you will see that the all of the windows are usually aligned.

02-19-2004, 12:14 PM
That looks pretty retarted.
You would have to be out of your mind to buy one of those. If you need to pick up groceries just send the maid, or take the Hummer.

05-05-2004, 05:18 PM
What a waste!

A bently shouldn't be ordered in white anyway, how cheep does that look!?!

09-21-2004, 06:11 PM
or take the Hummer.

what about 10 hummers?(or a ferrari scaglietti+ a murcialago hhee)

damn the wast of a bentley.

02-12-2005, 01:38 PM
It may be controversial to you, but It has you talking, doesn't it? It's very different but it's interesting.

02-06-2007, 12:37 AM
How could someone destroy the beautiful lines of the Arnage this way? :eek: :mad:

I can agree with you.

I am against wagons, i like suvs (but thats my business)

anyways, i dont see that, whoever is richenough for a bentley, dont need to bring kids to soccer practice. And showing up in that for a premier isnt quite exotic ( a bit sad :screwy: )

02-06-2007, 06:38 AM
Do you realize you just replied to a two year old thread?

02-06-2007, 08:34 AM
Is that against rules?

02-06-2007, 05:01 PM
Is that against rules?

Yeah it is, I think the limit is 2 months and older are considered "dead" unless its a special case. So 2 years old is defintly dead.

02-06-2007, 05:18 PM
Im sorry :(

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