Hummer Popularity Sparks Creative Aftermarket Solutions

07-13-2003, 01:50 AM
REDMOND, Wash., July 10 -- Hummers are big and aftermarket
products for the Hummer are big business.
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No one knows this better than Nu-Tec Designs, LLC of Redmond, Washington.
Nu-Tec Designs is the inventor of the Flip-Step(TM), a hitch receiver
fold-down step that sports a super bright LED brake/running light on the face
of the step.
"With SUV step bumpers being 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet off the ground, one has
to wonder how they can be called 'step bumpers' since you need a step just to
reach the bumper," said Flip-Step inventor Bill Schlicht. "The size of these
vehicles creates an inherent problem of being unable to reach the roof racks,
rear cargo areas or to wash them," adds Schlicht.
This is particularly true for the Hummer and Nu-Tec Designs set out to
create a special step that fit with the styling and quality of the Hummer.
The resulting step is the MAX Flip-Step and Hummer owners have welcomed it
with much acclaim. With a step plate measuring 6 1/4" x 9 1/2" the MAX
provides a substantial and secure step platform with a 500-pound load
capacity. When in the folded up position the distinctive styling and LED
light creates a polished look and enhances both the functionality and safety
of the Hummer. The MAX Flip-Step is available through Hummer accessory
retailers and dealerships.
People aren't the only ones plagued with the problem of accessing the rear
of SUV's -- dogs have trouble getting in too and jumping out of SUVs can
create serious neck and shoulder injuries. Any owner of a large older dog
with joint problems will relate to the frustration of trying to get the dog in
and out of the SUV. Nu-Tec Designs has created a well-thought-out solution to
this problem too and will soon be releasing its newest hitch receiver product,
"Pup-Up(TM)." Other creative solutions for SUV owners -- and in particular
Hummer owners -- are also being released soon. More information can be found
at or
SportRack Automotive of Sterling Heights, Michigan has licensed the
Flip-Step from Nu-Tec Designs. Selected by Motor Trend Magazine as one of the
best new SUV/truck accessory introductions of 2002 and acclaimed as "a well
thought out solution to a common problem," the Flip-Step adds functionality,
safety and style to any vehicle with a hitch receiver.

CONTACT: Marie Lincoln of Nu-Tec Designs, LLC, +1-425-898-0995, or

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