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Porsche 911 996 Turbo

02-28-2024, 04:31 PM
Starting a new project and yes, I'm aware my RS is not yet finished. But it had its 2nd clear coat that needs to cure.

This time it's the Tamiya Porsche Carrera to which I'll be applying a transkit from ScaleStars to turn it into a 996 Turbo.

I'd started this kit a long time ago with the intention to create the turbo, but using put to sculpt the body work is not my cup of tea. I've got great respect for those who can. Luckily this transkit will make my life easier.

Here some pictures of my early attempt and the parts form the transkit.

To check the fitment of the parts, I've cut away the side panel and put the side body panel in place.

Knowing myself, this will also be a project that will take time, but it allows me to switch between projects.

03-01-2024, 12:25 AM
Great start. That is a very nice transkit; from a company I have not heard of before.

03-01-2024, 04:19 AM
Great start. That is a very nice transkit; from a company I have not heard of before.
I did not know before, but from the shipment tracking I could see it is a small producer from Russia.

I cut away the remaining body work panels and fitted the right side as well. Currently I'm dry-fitting the parts to see if some need some extra work.
All in all I'm quite pleased with the parts. I can at least note there are no bubbles what so ever in the casted parts.

03-01-2024, 06:39 PM
That's a cool looking transkit!,have you thought about a color yet?.

03-04-2024, 04:06 AM
That's a cool looking transkit!,have you thought about a color yet?.

Yes I have. A bit boring, but I'm thinking of Arctic Silver like the example pictures of the first post.
I still have a small doubt about seal grey

04-06-2024, 02:30 PM
Can't wait to see more.

drunken monkey
05-05-2024, 01:53 PM
I think I'd skip the grills in the kit; they look a little heavy.

I destroyed more than one tamiya body trying to carve out and shape those intakes and as expected, by the time I figured I'd have another crack at it, someone's made a transkit.

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