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Tremec TKO600 5spd with full Liberty Faceplate modifications

11-12-2023, 11:06 AM

I've ordered a sequential for my Panoz and my Qty 2 TKO600's are no longer needed.

I have a fully built faceplated TKO600 just rebuilt new by tremec elite shop (new case, new gears etc). Any interest? Zero laps. The other transmission is also brand new, used for 12 laps and broke a Countershaft. Faulty new part unfortunately... hoping to sell both 1 for parts or I can fix it.

The TKO600 fully Faceplated sells for $3,354 plus 5th gear faceplate for $285 plus $200 for cryo treatment. Total $3,839

I think $2750 for the 100% transmission and $1250 for the broken transmission or $3500 for both plus shipping. Great deal, cheaper than 1 new and 99% spare parts. The Countershaft is available still so we could fix the 2nd transmission as well.

Get rid of those easily broken Synchronizers!! Never miss a shift again. Much faster shifting with positive engagement every time.

03-06-2024, 10:12 AM
Anyone have any Tremec parts?

I sold 1 transmission but the second 1 has a broken Countershaft.. I need 1 to rebuild.

Anyone have any leads on a broken tko600 or used Countershaft let me know please.

tremec countershaft tccf4282

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