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Tow dolly broke while towing

AWD 2006 Escape
10-16-2023, 02:56 AM
Mishap during a recent tow service for an ’06 Ford Escape. It’s an AWD so the rear wheels were on a tow dolly. Dolly unfortunately split apart as the truck was leaving the driveway. The rear left of the Escape dropped to the ground and the wheel touching the ground (rear left) did approximately one full rotation as the tow truck was coming to a stop.

But since it is AWD, I’m wondering if damage of drive components is possible (transfer case, drive shaft, other various drive train components). Or transmission. Since it was only 1 rotation of the rear left wheel (and at a pretty low speed), are things unlikely to have been damaged?

Also since the other wheels were strapped down, what does that mean for the right side of rear axel as the left side rotated?

I don’t want to make a stink about it and get the tow driver in trouble since he's a super fella. However for our family's safety, I am wondering if there’s any type(s) of inspection I should be getting. The above questions might sound silly for such low speed/distance but I appreciate the advice - thanks!

10-16-2023, 07:47 PM
I would have the tow company tow it to the Dealer for inspection. Or a reputable shop. On their dime.

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