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Problems with my car 3.5 06 chrysler

09-29-2023, 11:49 AM
[SIZE="5"]My car's transmission oil is coming out from the top of the dipstick when I press the gas . Need help on what could be the problem Iv Alr checked the oil pan nothing is wrong there , no leak on the bottom of the dipstick tube just coming out from the top.

09-30-2023, 12:36 AM

09-30-2023, 10:46 AM
There was a leak on the bottom of the dipstick pipe but as soon as I repaired it this happened . So there's little oil that passes through so the car moves but as soon as I rev it it all comes out from the top . I have no clue why it won't stay down . I think it might be clogged or the torque converter going out

09-30-2023, 12:57 PM
I don't know that a bad torque converter would cause a gush of fluid.

Since it was fine before you repaired the dipstick leak, it's time to go back and check your work. You may have dropped or dripped something into the transmission.

How is your fluid level, did you check it?

At this point for myself, I'd be dropping the transmission pan and inspecting everything in there. It could be something in the valve body also; if some sealant got in there and floated around to the wrong place it could cause the fluid to be misdirected.

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