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Paint peeling, how did it happen, how can I fix it?

08-28-2023, 04:33 PM
My 2009 Fiat Punto's paint has started peeling in places. It's the top layer, the one that makes it shiny that has gone. I've attached a picture. The car is street parked (in the UK) so is out in all weathers but obviously not extremes (This is the UK!)

How might this have been caused and can I repair it or is it a complete re-spray job?

Any ideas, experience or information would be great.

Blue Bowtie
08-28-2023, 07:41 PM
Peeling clear coat is not completely unheard of. If it is caught before the color layer begins to deteriorate, a new layer of clearcoat can be applied if the repair shop has a bit of a clue.

If the color layer is left exposed for too long, a full repaint may be necessary.

08-29-2023, 06:49 AM
Thanks Blue Bowtie. I'll see what our local bodywork shop has to say. Guessing that a DIY job might end up with a mess?

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