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How do I connect my computer to a Bendix EC80

08-01-2023, 02:15 PM
I am an intern at a consulting company, and I am tasked with researching how to perform a benchtop download, or a download outside of a vehicle, to a Bendix ESP EC80 Controller. It's an ABS controller for heavy trucks and I realize this forum is mostly for cars, but I'm trying to see if anyone can help. I have tried looking into the service manual online, but I have had trouble finding how to connect it to a laptop or computer. We have a Nexiq USB Link-2, which connects most car diagnostics systems through OBDII or other pin connectors, but I donít know what adapter or plug I need to use to connect the Bendix EC80 to the Nexiq. Any and all advice is appreciated.

Here is the link I found to the most recent version of the service manual:


08-06-2023, 07:02 PM
Dunno, but it says it uses a J1939 serial link, so maybe look into that.

Maybe get them to buy you this


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