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Don't Know Nothin'

07-12-2023, 03:24 PM
Engine runs rough, shutters. This is usually when load increases to as much as a gentle incline. Dealer said the diagnostic is $140 and that does not go toward any maintenance or repair. So we took it to O'Reilly's and they said the #3 cylinder was getting a misfire.
Now I can imagine the hybrid nature might need some high tech synchronizing between combustion and battery power. Yet it seems it would be smarter for me to at least replace the #3 spark plug. Or not? And I say at least because I could probably do quite a bit - try this and that quite a bit before I reach $140.
But I have another worry. We had a couple of recalls. The mechanics in our area did not have the qualifications to fix the problems. We had to wait quite some time (weeks!) before a qualified tech would be in our area to do the recall. So I am simply worried the technicians might damage the car - do the wrong thing, not tell me, etc., etc., etc. In fact, I think, not sure of course, but we think the car has been shuddering since that last recall. It is an off and on shutter.

07-22-2023, 12:33 PM
Hi EVERYBODY, which so far is nobody. No replies. It's just me - replying to my own message. Well, it's been at least a week and I'm anxious for a reply. Haven't driven the car - don't dare to. It will be a bit more than two weeks (a total of at least 3 weeks) before they can even do a diagnostic and then they said it could be another week after that before they can work on it. At least it might give me some time to get some good, knowledgeable 3rd party advice. Hope someone who knows cars, knows the car repair game will reply soon. Thanks.

07-28-2023, 07:43 AM
OK....so if you've read the forum guidelines, you would know that for the best help to be offered, you need to post the year and powertrain and MILES of your vehicle.

To answer your question about the spark plug: How many miles are on your vehicle? What is the recommended spark plug replacement interval? You could have a bad plug, a bad coil, or some other spark issue for that cylinder.

I'm not familiar with the architecture of your powertrain, but since the dealer isn't good enough to do the repair, another dealer somewhere else or a competent shop, might be the solution.

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