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Question for those who know about Lancia Stratos

Seamus McRae
06-26-2023, 01:30 AM
G'day all

I just received from HLJ another 2 Stratos kits for the collection - one of which is Alen's 79 RAC car.
Most of the kits I have are for tarmac rallies, however 1 or 2 (incl this one) are for gravel, & I don't have my Rally Giants book to hand...

Did Lancia adjust ride height/spring rate much to accommodate different rallies (excluding Safari of course - I would expect longer struts on such a rally)? The kit comes with the standard wide Magnesio rims which would suggest a tarmac set up. There are only a few pics online which all seem to show the wide rims for this rally.

Any advice?


08-14-2023, 05:13 AM
Ride Height: Lancia would typically increase the ride height to cope with uneven and rocky terrains. Spring Rate/Damping: Spring rates and damping would be adjusted based on the terrain. Softer springs and different damper settings would be used on rougher terrains to absorb impacts. Tires and Rims: Tarmac rallies usually saw the Stratos fitted with wider tires for better grip. Gravel rallies used narrower tires, but there might be instances where wider rims were used, especially on smoother gravel stages. MyTHDHR.com (https://www.mythdhr.ltd/)

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