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no acceleration

05-24-2023, 09:04 PM
I ran into an issue the other day,i went to go to the store and about a block away from home vehicle stalled out sitting at a light, started right back up drove about 30 feet and it did it again restarted went about 15 feet and stalled out again... i have an app for my phone and it read the code as

p0122 throttle/position sensor/switch A circuit Low Input and
p0174 system too lean

I swapped the throttle position sensor but forgot to clear codes but drove it for about 2 hours no issues

Today i went to go to a doctor's appointment thinking i fixed it and the stalling happened again i managed to get to the doctors and after i left i cleared the codes and it seemed to be ok

is there something else i should look at i thought the fuel pump but in canada it's a 700 part , i also have a new fuel filter i need to put in but i just don't have anywhere to work on my vehicle where i live

i am not sure if this will happen again tomorrow but i will see as i need to get this fixed or replace the car or rebuild the motor as i am leaving on a cross country trip in july
it also had a p2197 code for an upstream o2 sensor bank 1 sensor 1 lean.....this one comes and goes

right now i have a p1000 freeze frame and p1000 pending code as i just reset the ecm

any help would be appreciated

05-26-2023, 02:50 AM
well this issue is still persisting and i guess none of you have encountered this issue...i have replaced the spark plugs,Coils, Fuel Pressure regulator because it threw a code,a throttle position sensor because of a code, it worked great for about 2 hours of driving parked overnight, the next day went to go out and same thing happened it would run for about 30-40 seconds then sputter like it ran out of fuel, it would start right up no problems 20seconds later sputter and die... it would act like this for about 5 minutes then i could drive it with no issues,No CEL,anything....i called around and was told that it could be anything including a fuel pump or possibly a fuel pump driver module( No idea where this is) but neither part is cheap 483 for a fuel pump and 150 for the driver module, i am not rich and cannot throw 6-700 dollars around..this if frustrating me because last week it ran fine just stalled 2 times but this week is driving me crazy, i would just replace the vehicle if i could find something reliable and send this to the crusher without hesitation

05-26-2023, 09:30 AM
On my 2002 with V6 Escape, it was the catalytic converter clogging. Wasn't till it totally clogged did I find out that was the true issue. I would post in a "only Escape" forum. Not a lot of people follow this one any more as there are so many specific to one vehicle today. I suggest Escape-city

05-26-2023, 11:25 AM
thanks for the help.....i'll give that a try, it feels like this site is drying up as i have posted a few times and no answer

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