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2006 Vue Timing Belt 192,000 miles

04-01-2023, 08:47 PM
I am to the point where I have the Crankshaft arrow lined up but the Left cam is off what looks like one tooth and the right cam is closer but not exactly. Question then is, I am guessing that marking this old belt is meaningless and I just need to get this engine timed by using the arrows when I install the new timing belt?

Blue Bowtie
04-01-2023, 09:53 PM
The belt is just along for the ride. Align the crank and both cam markers and install the belt. Given that one or both of the cams may fight you a bit due to valve spring pressure, the crank may have to be rolled a little to get it all aligned to install the belt. The critical thing is that when the belt is installed and crank is rotated to position, all the timing marks should be in their proper places.

04-01-2023, 10:02 PM
Thanks very much Blue for verifying that for me and the extra tip on the cam shaft, and the speedy response! Us Rookies sure do appreciate you pro's out there that take the time to help us out. Have a very good weekend!

04-05-2023, 09:14 AM
Blue, that job was a success! That left cam was definitely hanging on to its position by a thread but was able to get it to stick and got the belt on all pulleys with everything on its mark. Runs very smooth now. I would say the old belt was stretched.

Blue Bowtie
04-05-2023, 09:48 AM
Good work. 192K is a long time for a belt, and you certainly got exceptional service life from it. If the vehicle is still around when it clicks over 275,000, it might be time to consider replacing the belt again. For whatever reason(s) the aftermarket belts seem to have a shorter average life compared to originals. At your present average mileage, that could be around 2030 (7 years).

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