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PLEASE HELP...Need the Gear Ratios on Both 1998 & 1999 Passport?

07-17-2022, 12:27 PM
The last owner of my 1998 Honda Passport put tires and rims too large so that caused the clutch to go out in my rear differential (is what I'm being told). :shakehead I have a wrecked 1999 Honda Passport that I'm hoping I can pull the rear differential (axle) off of and install on my 1998 to replace the bad one. However, I need to find out if the rear differential gear ratio is the same on both years of Passports. I've done everything I can do, physically, to find this information without having to tear it apart...so I'm hoping someone can help me with this! I've been doing a LOT of research over the last 3 days to find that both years are part of the 2nd Generation series of Passports...so my prayer is that they ARE the same gear ratio. I believe I found it to be 4.10 based on general information from another source, but I can't be positive and need to confirm this is correct AND is the ratio for BOTH years of the Passport. None of the Honda dealers I've called are willing to look this information up to help! :disappoin Both are LX models, 6-cylinder, automatics with 4WD. PLEASE...can someone help me to confirm this or advise me what the gear ratio(s) is/are on both these model years? :crying:

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