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Tell me your private party sale stories

04-25-2022, 04:56 PM
Hey folks, I'd like to learn about people's experiences when buying and selling private party. What's the most challenging part of the process and why? Any stories where things went wrong?

(I'm doing research for a new business idea, but won't pitch the idea here to avoid any bias.)


09-20-2023, 10:37 PM
I paid to list on AutoTrader. Much higher quality buyers. I found CraigsList to have a bunch of low-ballers who persistently ignored my wording that said firm price, priced to sell, no negotiations, take it or leave it, etc.

Fortunately, my buyer was a respectable fireman. It probably helped that I was selling from an upscale community that buyers know won't come with shenanigans. I required cash. Sold for just over 5K.

Even though things went smoothly, next time around I might use Carvana. I recently got a really good quote from them on my used car. Not sure if that price was some sort of mistake. My old car is worth about $10,000 so getting someone to pay in cash may be a sticking point.

09-22-2023, 02:59 PM
Selling: I've made sure to have a Bill of Sale prepared as well as a receipt. That was a long time ago though, the last few cars I've donated to charity for a tax credit.

Buying: Be sure to get the TITLE, a receipt for the purchase price, and also a Bill of Sale. Without all 3 of these things, the sale is a no-go.

As always in a private party sale, sale is final, no warranty, etc. So make sure to drive it and have it looked at by a body shop/certified mechanic prior to handing over cash. If the seller won't allow this, walk away.

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