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Mooing sound Vauxhall Insignia

03-07-2022, 04:58 AM
Hello, I'm new here so thanks for adding.

I have a Vauxhall Insignia 2010 and last week it went into limp mode ( best was about 20mph). I managed to get it back near to my address. There were no engine lights on or warning signs.
For a couple of months though, I've heard like a low mooing sound when it idles or is a very low speeds. Some times are worse than others. Sometimes i don't hear it at all for while. The 'moo' starts off a deep sound then goes up in tone iyswim? Like a burp. Could a related problem have put it into limp mode with no engine lights?

A garage picked it up last week but not heard any updates.

Any ideas?

03-07-2022, 01:56 PM
I'm not sure if the OBD-II protocol was implemented globally, but I think it was. If your vehicle went into limp home mode, there WILL be stored diagnostic codes. You might need to find a different diagnostic tool that is able to pull stored diagnostic codes to get a better idea of why the car went into limp home mode and consider if the system or systems that are related to the code or codes could explain the noise you are hearing.

Normally I'd suggest the mooing sound might be due to low power steering fluid, or a hydraulic power steering system that has trapped air. That wouldn't explain the car going into limp home mode though.

Have you asked the shop if they were able to pull any stored diagnostic codes and review the freeze frame data?


03-07-2022, 04:14 PM
Many thanks Rod.

I called today but I don't think they've looked at it yet as they said there were no updates. They've had it since Friday so hopefully this week they'll be able to have a look. I've had the car for about 3 years and the only time I had anything come up was for the DPF which cleared after taking it for a proper drive on the motorway.

03-08-2022, 08:50 AM
Oh, if it's a diesel, it may not have OBD-II and the useful diagnostics that come with it. But also if it was just taken to the shop on Friday without it being scheduled ahead of time, I guess I'm not too surprised the shop hasn't had a chance to look at it yet.


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