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Inquiries about connecting a LED headlight to my car

The real egyptian
02-22-2022, 01:45 PM
Hello all

I own a Seat 133, and I noticed that the headlights were weak at night, so I changed the two headlights with new ones, but the problem still existed, so I thought of installing an additional external LED lamp.

I have a switch button in the car that has no use. I will connect on it. I want to know the correct connection and the value of the fuse used for the connection because i will buy an external fuse.

Attached to the topic are two pictures, one of them is a connection method i found on the internet and i want to make sure that it is suitable for this, and another picture of the type of fuse that i will use and i want to know the appropriate amper for the fuse that i will buy.

Note: The Led will most likely be 12 volts.


Thanks all :wave:

02-22-2022, 06:08 PM
You will need to know what LED light you are going to use before selecting a fuse and really before determining if your wiring diagram is appropriate. If you just use an un-focused LED strip you won't achieve better night driving vision. You'll also want to use something that's DOT approved and not just for off-road use, unless you will ONLY use the light when there is no other traffic around.

LED lights typically draw less current that filament bulbs of similar lumen output, but they still may draw more current than your switch is rated for. A safer approach would likely be to install a relay with fused power near the lights, which hopefully is also near the battery. And then I'd recommend powering the switch with power that is only "hot" when the ignition is powered.

If you go with an LED that is rated for something other than 12V, then you're go with either a current limiting power resistor or a boost converter, depending on the voltage. That's not worth your time, and if you did go that route, I'm pretty certain you'd be using something that is not DOT approved. So I'd suggest you not even consider something other than a 12V rated LED light system for the application you described.


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