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SCAM Alert

02-13-2022, 02:45 PM
Please be aware that Ninja-Cars is a scam. I was personally scammed by them when trying to buy a 67 Chevelle. They did a good job of communicating via email. They used "legal looking" invoices and sales agreements. Their sales rep is, Leonard Mendez and parent company (who received the wire transfer), Auto Rebel. They simply steal the pics and descriptions from BringATrailer.com and act as if they're selling those cars.

I'm posting this message where I can to simply warn people so that they don't lose money like I did.

03-11-2022, 05:04 PM
Caveat Emptor!

Plenty of bad people out there.

04-22-2022, 04:54 AM
OMG, thank you for this information. I believe that it is important to share a bad experience as we should know bad guys

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