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Liquid gold paint suggestiobs

Seamus McRae
02-05-2022, 07:19 PM
Hi all
Inspired by a pic I saw online of a liquid chrome Mercedes SLR McLaren, I thought I would do the same to my Aoshima Aventador 50th Ann kit, albeit in gold, rather than the pearl yellow they suggest.
Vallejo do a range of liquid metal paints which actually have metal particles suspended in alcohol. These look ok however they can only be thinned with 96% or better alcohol & may present shipping issues.
Does anyone have other suggestions on what to use?

Nobbys Nuts
02-26-2022, 09:48 PM
Hi Seamus;
Try dropping Scott Taylor a line at SMS paints here in Australia about this.
Don't mean to steer you away from here but if you are on Facebook they do have a Facebook page and Scott replies very quickly.
Maybe you could invite him here to participate if it is allowed.
I haven't been active here since Oct 2010 so have to catch up on what current rules are.

He has the new Lacquer Chrome paints out now and a few of the car guys are experimenting with different colours over the Cold Chrome version now on the Facebook page. Might have to scroll down a but though but the posts are there.

A clear yellow or orange over the chrome sounds like what you are looking at. Scott could answer this instantly with proportions etc to use.


Seamus McRae
03-26-2022, 10:10 PM
Thanks Tony. I might give that a go. I'm thinking I might try a little experiment myself - I have a spray can of 'liquid' or super chrome from Supercheap (used for chrome bumper touch-ups). I'll see how that comes up with a coat of clear yellow over the top

03-27-2022, 05:27 PM
To give you an alternative, when I need to paint metal colours I always use Alclad 2 paints. https://alclad2.com/

They have a nice range of colours for you to check out. And if you want a golden colour that really pops, they silver with a coat of their candy yellow.

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