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Outrageous Celica Price??

02-01-2022, 03:23 PM
Have I lost it? I saw a 2000 or 01 Celica with nearly 200k miles the other day for sale for ten grand, cash only. Do I have no cash and no sense of automotive worth or is this guy the one who has lost it? Seems insane to me for something that's more or a less a 20 year old 200k mile Toyota Corolla-ish. As a matter of fact I thought the price was somehow a typo, but I asked and it wasn't.

02-01-2022, 03:53 PM
It's crazy everywhere, new cars, used cars, nobody knows what they are doing anymore, the guy is "fishing " period!!

02-02-2022, 05:17 AM
Just because the seller is asking that much doesn't mean they will get it.

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