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2003 Buick Lasabre blower control lever

01-23-2022, 04:30 PM
I have broken the blower speed control lever off deeply behind the face cover. I tried using a narrow pick to push the stub to the right and advance the fan speed, without success. It is broken off too deeply. This is a manual, single lever, that controls the fan speed. I have a few questions.

1. How do I access the blower control mechanism?

2. Do I have to remove/disassemble the dash to gain access to the blower control switch?

3. If so, is it difficult/painstaking, do I need special tools to gain access?

4. Is there a video or instruction text for me to follow, as I do not have a repair/tech manual and haven't had any luck gathering information on the net.

Any experienced advice would be greatly appreciated!



Blue Bowtie
01-24-2022, 09:45 AM
The lower center dash trim (knee bolster) will need to be removed, allowing access to a couple of screws holding the center dash trim (the woodgrain part) to be removed. The lower dash trim will have 7mm hex screws along the bottom edge and spring clips around its perimeter in several locations.

There are also screws in the area surrounding the glove box door which hold the center trim piece. The center trim will probably have Phillips screws around the glove box and 7mm hex screws along the length.

With the center (woodgrain) piece removed, the heater control faceplate will be accessible. The heater control is retained by 4 screws.

A 7mm nut driver or socket will be needed for the screws, and nothing special will be necessary to pull the trim around the clips. However, it should be noted that removing the plastic trim when cold can cause breakage. It would be best to have the interior warmed to at least 70F before beginning, and that could be difficult outdoors without a functioning heater, especially near the Forest.

01-24-2022, 05:56 PM
Thanks Blue Bowtie for the explicit explanation and advice. Fortunately, I have a heated shop and the plastic should be fine.

I have another issue that I would like to get your opinion on if you would indulge me. The same car has a P1811 pressure control code which produces a long and/or hard shift through all of the gears, on the 4T65E transmission.

It shifts perfectly most of the time and then it will go into hard shifting. It does seem to long shift, but very rarely.

The dip stick pops out of the down position; However, the fluid level is correct and what I think is a vent, on the top of the casing, appears free and open. The transmission has no external leaks

My research tells me that the problem is the pressure control module, which requires removing the transmission or extensive dismantling, to access the side cover of the tranny, to gain access to the modules.

Another repair I've found is installing a shift kit (spacers & springs) that is accessible by removing the bottom pan and accumulator cover. My questions are:

1. Are there simple things to check, other than the module or internal transmission issues, that could cause these shifting problems?

2. Would you try the shift kit first, as I have read that this can correct the shifting issue without extensive effort.

3. With 197,000 miles on this vehicle and the fluid/filter has never been changed, would you replace the tranny fluid or put the old back in. I've read that new fluid could cause an old transmission to start slipping.

4. If I am forced to change the pressure control module, what should I expect to pay for that repair.

Please let me know and thanks in advance for your professional help!


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