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How do I prove this vandalism on 2007 Nitro?

11-27-2021, 04:26 AM
Long story short, back in June, I was attacked by a male (I'm female) 3 times my size who beat me with a tire iron. He came back and bashed my head open with it while 3 people just watched. One of the 2 females that was there, drove my Nitro for me as I called 911 for an ambulance to meet down the highway. It stayed running for the 5 minute drive as well as the 44 minutes we sat there, me in the ambulance, with the deputies there. This female said she would follow me to the hospital in my Nitro, but instead of following me in the ambulance, she took my vehicle back to the house where I was attacked. There, they all stole my purse, wallet, money, cell phone, everything. After getting a ride from a stranger the next morning when released, I came upon my Nitro parked on the side of the highway, less than a mile from the house where I was attacked. The keys were in the ignition in the "on" position, not "start", and the gear shift was in drive. The engine was seized up and it would not start. When observing the engine, I noticed the oil plug had been removed as there was not a drop of oil left in the engine. I looked under and behind the engine, but there wasn't a drop of the 5.5 quarts of oil under it or anywhere behind it, going all the way back down the highway to where we were with the cops and ambulance 7 hours prior. I know they drained it at the house where i was attacked and then towed it with his truck to the side of the highway. I filled out a report on the sheriff's department site regarding the damage, the deputy who responded that night ignored me for over 4 months despite the many phone calls asking for his assistance in the further charges of theft and vandalism. He finally called me back and when I asked about those charges, he just flat out tells me the prosecutor won't press charges because there's no way to prove that the vehicle didn't die on her and someone else came along and drained the oil (despite there not being literally a SPOT of oil ANYWHERE around my vehicle???). It is still sitting at the shop and I can prove that from 1:41am (the time notated on the incident report that I called 911) until 2:30am (when I left in the ambulance to go to the hospital), that I was with my vehicle, the police were with my vehicle, and the paramedics were with my vehicle, at all or some point during that 49 minutes and the gravel parking lot we were on had zero fluids that leaked on it, and had my vehicle leaked all the oil out before we got there, it would have indicated during the 49 minutes that it sat there running, that there was a no oil problem. So all that I can prove. Up to there is no oil on the highway, grass behind, or under my Nitro when I came across it 7 hours later. I called a mechanic friend out to verify my findings, which he did, before it was towed to the shop. Is there any way to prove that nothing else caused my engine to fail, making her "abandon it on the side of the highway" just so someone could come along and for shits and giggles, take the oil plug out and drain all the oil out of my car, taking the oil with them, since they just happen to have an oil pan with them, you know? I think the deputy is just being lazy, but just in case I have to, I'd like to prove that the only thing that stopped my car from working was them removing the oil plug and oil, starting the engine until it seized, and then put the keys in the "on" position and gear shift in drive, while one towed my suv and another steered it, to the highway. Help would be greatly appreciated!

11-29-2021, 04:03 PM
Hopefully you filed a stolen vehicle report with the police. If not, do it now. Then go to your insurance company to get it fixed.

Police are right -- no way to prove whodunit.

I would consider moving, sounds like it's a bad area and bad people.

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