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polyester automotive paint

chato de shamrock
11-27-2021, 02:25 AM
Hey there. I have a couple of questions about polyester automotive paints. The main one is what is and isn't it compatible with? I mainly look at this chart for reference help,


but in this case it's not helpful. I've never heard of this type of paint before. To be a little more specific about the paint i'm talking about, there's a company called Tropical Glitz that sells it. Has anyone worked with their paint before? I'm new to automotive paint so all I've worked with is Zero Paints, but being from the U.S. and the limited availability out here I've only worked with a handful of bottles and i stuck with all zero paints from primer to clear. I also bought a couple of ready to spray paints from House of Kolor a few months ago but haven't had a chance to spray those yet. Mainly because I'm not sure what kind of paint HOK is, acrylic, lacquer etc. Im not sure what is compatible with HOK so I thought of just buying the quart of primer and clear they sell and mixing things myself. Again, anyone have experience with Tropical Glitz or polyester auto paint? Can anyone give some tips or advice on what other paints are compatible with it, and house of kolor as well. Any advice for someone that wants to move from hobby airbrush paints to auto airbrush paints. I'm a total newbee that im not exactly sure what to ask. Thanks in advanced.

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