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Bleeding brakes

11-23-2021, 11:39 AM
Hey just curious. Been watching a few videos on brake bleeding but getting a little tilted after having done my own bleeding, i had a one man bleeder tool and the circular drill like tip going into the bleeder screw because the plastic tube wouldnt fit. Ended up pumping the brakes with the bleeder open and the bleeder circle tip flew out and splashed brake fluid everywhere. Brake bleeder was open to the world. Im not sure how much air could get in or if any at all because the master was closed, does anyone know if air can get in? At any rate i had someone pump the brakes up while the bleeder was closed then hold it down BEFORE i opened it, and then i would repeat that, not pumping the brakes while it was open. Should have know from the shit eating grin that guy had on the oreilley video that pumping the break one singular time before closing the bleeder would take 5 hours to flush 4 wheels, which isnt the way i did it, i pumped and then closed the bleeder.

I am more concerned with air than water which has air in it, being in the system. How does it go though ó bleeder open then pump brake pedal slow and consistent until all bubbles are gone, then close the system with the brake pedal all the way down? I am probably going to do it alone and zip tie the tube to the bleeder and close the brake bleeder with the pedal up. I feel like once I understand this the ones who have explained this on youtube will only make me angrier but at least iíll know for future reference. Kia magentis 2004 v6 with abs.

Thanks for any help.

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