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Car buying

10-12-2021, 10:10 AM
What is a good midsize suv, I was thinking about the Volkswagen sport atlas?

10-12-2021, 12:24 PM
What is a good midsize suv, I was thinking
about the Volkswagen sport atlas?

Passport - sandwiched size-wise between Honda's CRV and Pilot.

Toyota Highlander

10-12-2021, 01:04 PM
Passport are not good looking to me. I thought about the Highlander too, thanks!

11-18-2021, 02:26 PM
I've read bad things about the Atlas' reliability, and wasn't impressed during my test drive.

Are you looking for on-road, or do you go off road and want an SUV with offroad abilities?

High MPG? 2WD or AWD/4WD? How many people are you using it for, and what's your budget?

A bit of info about what you're looking for will help.

But without your feedback:

If you want super reliability at the expense of mpg and racecar handling, get a Toyota 4Runner. It's also a very good choice for off road. I had a 2015 and wished I'd kept it. We test drove a new one recently, and also the Highlander, the interior of the Highlander was...funky and not comfortable the way the top of the windshield seemed to close you in.

If you will be always on road, take a look at Acura RDX or MDX. You'll be surprised how nicely they drive. (I may be biased, we just got an MDX last week)

04-22-2022, 04:57 AM
I also heard nothing too good about Atlas' reliability. So, really is better to choose another variant.

05-11-2022, 05:33 PM
Hello, choose from an avalanche of offers only those models that can be pulled for service! There should be two selection criteria, except for the price - the year of manufacture with which you can live, and the mileage. It is also advisable to think in advance about the type of transmission - mechanics or automatic, and figure out which motor is right for you - for this, read the reviews, test drives of the model you are interested in. If you are considering some other car brands, you can look at comparisons, by the way at https://www.cardeeply.com/ you can compare the specific model that you like best with other car brands in all respects.

03-06-2023, 08:57 AM
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