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A 3/S Legend has passed away.

10-04-2021, 05:54 PM
I know this little sub-forum of ours is all but dormant, but I figured I'd post this here anyway.

Anyone that has been around for years remembers Chris Hill. He was better known as Import Power, and later as Ninja Performance. Chris started his initial site Import Power Online as a way to sell parts as cheap as possible for people who were looking to build on a budget. He even developed some of his own parts to sell as less expensive alternatives.

He built a high horsepower FWD TT SL to try to break records set by the AWD VR4s. His push made other guys start pushing harder. At one point, for a few hours he had the quickest and fastest 3/s in the world with a 10.1 second run. His record was beaten hours later by Matt at Dynamic Racing in his TT AWD Stealth with a 9.7.

At some point he sold his company, and his services to 3sx where he became the lead drag car builder. They built a AWD car and eventually got it to a 9.2.

After a few years working for someone else Chris quit and when he was able he started Ninja Performance. He built himself another car and continued to develop parts for the platform.

In 2011 he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Multiple Myeloma. Its a cancer of the plasma in bone marrow. He was 43 when he was diagnosed and it is a cancer normally only seen in 70-80 year olds. He was told it was pretty much a death sentence, but the man persevered for over 10 years still working when he could, still building cars, still shipping parts.

I got word over the weekend that he had succumb. Chris was only 53. Far too young to go, but his pain is gone.

RIP Chris

10-25-2021, 12:22 AM
I definitely remember the name.
Actually, I almost left this good planet myself back in 2016.
I was Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and had only an 8% chance of survival.
I was blessed to find out 1 month later that I was eligible for the Whipple Surgery which upset my 5 year survival rate from 8% to 25%

I had the Surgery June 29th and again July 1st due to complications. 1 month later another surgery as my appendix burst and had emergency surgery. All 3 added up to 20 hours of surgery. 9 hours on the first. 6 hours on the 2nd and 5 hours on the 3rd.
3 months ago I beat the odds and have been Cancer free for 5 years straight.

The Surgery did leave me a bit handicapped, severe abdominal pain every single day... I literally have not gotten more than a 12 hour break in 5 years. My pain at its worst was rated to be worse than child labor.

But, im alive!!! God allowed me to live on and raise my daughter to be a grown woman. I just pray to God she doesn't like street racing like I did. I'm lucky I survived those years.

Anyway, good to speak with ya once again buddy.

You did a damn good job. Yogsvr4, passed it down to me, and I passed it down to you. Much love! Oh, by the way. Im still catching kills at 40 years old lol. In my Ram 5.7 Hemi with a few mods. Its just in my blood ;) lol

12-25-2021, 10:26 PM
I read your response when you posted it, but never replied.

I'm glad to hear you're still around and alive after your health ordeals. My uncle actually passed away due to pancreatic cancer a few years back.

Even if your daughter gains a love of street racing you can still instill safety into her thoughts.

I never really did any real street racing per say, other than the random race against someone I didn't know. As I've gotten older I've stayed out of the throttle for the most part. I drive over the speed limit, but at a reasonable rate for the most part. Once my build is done, I don't know if that will remain true though. :lol:

Stay strong, and stay around.

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