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Looking for Alignment Specialists!!! Get paid!!!

09-06-2021, 10:25 AM
I am looking for some supports on global resources and technical information about alignment machines. Qualified or experienced technicians could contact me by PM for more information. The job is really easy through online meetings. It will just take you some time after dinner to do some interviews and you will be paid depending on the value you could provide. Please see the guidance below and do not hesitate to contact me if you qualify one or more below:

1. In-depth involvement in the entire development of high-end wheel aligners. Well-aware of the problems during the development and corresponding avoidance schemes (SE, PM, core developers);
2. More than 10 years’ experience in wheel alignment operation and training, familiar with hardware and software of different brands and know their advantages and disadvantages;
3. Have the field test resources to satisfy testing requirements for different OE aligners and other brands’ aligners;
4. Familiar with the regional (North America, Europe) wheel alignment competition;
5. More than 10 years’ experience in R&D, marketing and after-sales at Hunter or John Bean (preferred).

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