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Cigarette lighter when powered off manual turn on?

08-04-2021, 05:58 AM
So, I have an interesting ask. I have a 2015 Yukon. With the wfh revolution, I work from home now. I sold my car and my wife and I kept one car we both share now. Problem is if I'm talking to someone on the phone in the office using my Bluetooth headset and then my wife jumps in the yukon to go somewhere, as soon as she starts the truck, my call disconnects from the headset and she's now talking to whoever I was talking to.

I've been trying to figure out a way around this. Finally last night I thought why don't I get a cigerrett lighter Bluetooth FM transmitter? Only problem with this though is if I forget to unplug it from the cigerrette lighter when I turn off the car, I'll have the same problem.

Is there something I can put between the fm transmitter and the outlet so, when the car is powered off and the outlet looses power, when it starts up next the power is off until I hit a power on button?

08-04-2021, 08:58 AM
Have you looked at the owner's manual for the truck to figure out how to turn off the automatic call transfer? Or you may also be able to disable the feature from your phone as well.


08-04-2021, 09:06 AM
No, I never heard of such a thing. Can you give me a link for any car on how to do that? Or instructions in any phone that can do that? What is the exact feature name? I searched google for Bluetooth auto call transfer disable and came up with nothing

08-06-2021, 11:56 AM
Well, I took a look at the IntelliLink manual for a 2015 Yukon as well as played around in my Lincoln for a bit and you're right, there doesn't appear to be an easy solution.

I did notice in my car though that I can select a priority device that the car will attempt to connect with first. I suppose this may be an option if your wife always has her phone with her and if she's unlikely to be on the phone when you hop in the Yukon to go for a drive.

You could also turn off the Call audio for the Yukon's Bluetooth in your phone's Bluetooth menu. Android allows this, I assume IOS has something similar.

I suppose one other option would be to get in the habit of disabling the car's Bluetooth when you exit it. That's really no more work that trying to remember to unplug an FM transmitter, but you wouldn't sacrifice audio quality. I'm unsure about your Yukon, but in my Lincoln disabling the Bluetooth is pretty easy.


08-06-2021, 12:23 PM
Disabling it won't work because then my wife can't listen to music over Bluetooth. That's how she listens to music. It's hard for me to believe that the people that design this stuff can't see that Bluetooth is everywhere and it needs to work correctly in a lot of situations. It would be nice if, like wifi, I could save the password and then connect manually when I need... Instead of Bluetooth it's paired and connects automatically or you have to fully unpair it

Unpairing it from the yukon is a pain if I'm going to use the built-in bluetooth because I'll get in and start to drive then want to listen to something. So, to do that, I need to pull over because I can't pair a device while driving. . it's not allowed.

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