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Landmaster 700 rear brakes

07-09-2021, 10:23 AM
I have a Landmaster 700 UTV with a bad wheel cylinder on the left side. After searching their web site I found the wheel isn't available. The sell the backing plate with the wheel cylinder and shoes mounted for $300.00. Just the (4) rear shoes cost $100 and some change.

I have several junks cars and have decided to adapt the rear rotors for a car to this buggy. The lug pattern is 4 on 100 (4 on 4") with really doesn't matter as I can redrill them to fit my ride. It would be better if it were a four lug since drill the lug pattern could be done between the current ones. I want to use the rear and most has some prevision for an e-brake.

What is the smallest rear rotor any has seen on a car? I pulled one from a Honda later yesterday and it's about 10.25". This will not work due to the wheels inside measurement. I could turn the rotor down but I would then need another caliper.

Any help would greatly be apprecited.



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