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Can an EFI head be used in place of an SFI?

06-26-2021, 01:32 PM
Hey peeps!
I'm working on a 96 Geo Prizm and I need to replace the head. The engine specs under the hood state the current engine is SFI. I kind of know the difference between SFI and EFI but, I'm wondering if I could use a head from an EFI on this SFI engine?
Seems to me the only difference is SFI injects fuel only when it needs to, I.E. as the valve opens. so I honestly don't know if using EFI would cause and issue or not.
Are the cam timings on the EFI different that the SFI or does that not have anything to do with this and it only determines when to inject fuel??
Obviously confused here. lol :eek7:

08-22-2021, 04:59 PM
i would stick with the head type it came with to avoid fitment issues like manifolds and head to block fitment

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