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Used Sedan/Hatchback in the US

05-19-2021, 02:34 PM
I am interested in purchasing a used sedan/hatchback. I do not really want to purchase new due to the value plummet associated with a new car.

My requirements are:
-Around 20,000 usd
-Can carry 4 people with enough knee room in the back
-4 doors for easy in and out
-Sporty enough (I enjoy being able to hit the gas and get going and I occasionally like taking some corners at speed)
-75,000 miles or under (I want to get a while out of the car)
-AWD or FWD (I live in Northern Idaho snow is not a friend to RWD cars and I plan to use this all year)
-Automatic transmission(I know it can take some experience out and I do plan to get a manual car but for daily driving in a busy and growing city I'm just not interested in stalling accidentally)

If there is any suggestions that don't quite fit one of those that is fine may still be something to look at. RWD is not an option and 4 Doors is a requirement

05-19-2021, 03:16 PM
Get a used 10th Gen Civic.

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