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No title? Can be overcome or end of the world!

05-13-2021, 04:33 AM
Recently while searching Facebook marketplace I found a car I was interested in buying. I thought by going with an individual I could get more bang for my buck and also I was paying in cash and most dealerships prefer financing. I have very little experience buying cars, especially out right with cash, but something I had always heard/been told was NEVER buy a car without the title in hand. So I find the car on market place. I love it. I notice the price is rather low for the vehicle, but I just assume itís someone just trying to get rid of it to possibly buy another car or have maybe already purchased another car. Iím messaging back and forth with this guy about when I can come look at the car, is it still available, blah, blah. He says yes, of course, you can come at such and such time, and also you do know the title is rebuilt on this car. Rebuilt?? The only title question I knew was do you have it in hand, to which he responds no it usually takes 3 weeks to receive the rebuilt title in the mail and itís only been 2 weeks but I can write you a bill of sale. I tell him I prefer to deal only if he has the title in hand, to which he says, ďwell I do have the title to the other car thatís on my page.Ē I look at said car and decide I like that one as well so make arrangements to meet. I get there to where we are supposed to meet and he pulls up in the original, no title yet car, which I fall even more in love with. I ask him if he will hold it for me until the title comes and I would 100% buy the car, but he says the first person with the money in hand gets the car. So i end up looking at the other car to which he had the title in hand. I start asking more about a rebuilt titled car and purchasing a car without the title in hand. He tells me that as long as the bill of sale has both the seller and buyers information, the price paid, mileage, we both sign it and itís notarized that is all the proof I need of purchasing the car. He then says as soon as the title arrives to him I can come and pick it up. I end up bringing him the money for the car. When I hand him the money he takes all of my info and goes into his house and brings back a bills of sale from a car lot out of bowling green Kentucky, that is notarized, and signed but Iím not exactly sure by whom? Iím scared I may have made a mistake. I feel Iíve possibly paid cash for a car that Iím never going to be able to title, and that is also registered in a whole other state than where I live or even actually bought the car. Iím not even more confused by exactly who I purchased the car from? The dealership in Kentucky whose name is on the bill of sale? Or the guy who I actually met in person, gave the money too, and says the title is on its way to him? Please help! Any advice, suggestions, or any experience with the issue will be appreciated

05-22-2021, 03:36 PM
Smells like a scam to me with a totalled car that was rebuilt. But if you still want it, check with your local DMV about securing a title. You may have to wait in line, but they should be very helpful.

Seems like the seller is very keen on selling the no-title vehicle. I'd be very careful.

05-22-2021, 10:45 PM
Never buy a vehicle without a title to get notarized when exchanging money by cash, check, credit card, money order etc. I'd say you just gave your money away. Cash transactions without video to back up the agreement is a he said, she said matter if you have to take him to court. Did you see his ID or license? Do you have a home address & phone number? Did you get to test drive the vehicle you bought? I'm a female & I'm aware that SCAMMERS are everywhere! They'll sell you a car they don't own if your willing to pay cash. They say if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Have you saved the text or email history or phone records as proof of communications you may have to use if you file in small claims court if this deal leaves you empty handed? A civil judgement ordering a person to pay you is just a judgement against them & you may never get a penny of ur $$ back. If only you'd posted this before your money left ur hand! Also dealerships don't give any $$ on trade ins. They make it look good on paper & I got this advice from a car dealer. Best of luck to you!

05-23-2021, 01:52 PM
austin, welcome to Automotive Forums; and yes, like all others said,
"be very leary of no title".. even a salvaged or rebuilt vehicle should have a
salvage or 'bonded' title.. if not, their could be leins on vehicle, or it may not
pass muster with your local safety inspections or emissions; OR you may have to
file for a 'surety' bond to get it titled for up to $600-1200 (here in colorado), AND
you still may not be able to either pass inspections (more money), AND w/o title
you will be offering to sell at a much lower value...
and, worst case scenario; title "appears" after you pay, and the car 'disappears',
as you no longer have claim.. granted worst case, but still you may be buying into
more than you bargained for..
even if you never get a title, and it's driveable, and no one claims it as stolen;
certain states start to make it more difficult to even register and tag for yourself
(as the non-titled owner); so then your sitting on a 3500lb. lawn ornament..
run a VIN check or carfax, AT minimum if still thinking of pursueing the car..
hope this helps..

05-23-2021, 02:05 PM
sent a PM too.

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