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2013 accord vs 2017 camry

05-02-2021, 09:10 AM
Im having trouble deciding on wich car to buy.
The 2013 accord is a V6 with 69k miles very good condition EX-L model.
The 2017 camry is 2.5 L automatic six speed transmission 42k miles SE model.
Also very good condition.

They're both being offered around 16k
Both Carfax are good and shows multiple oil changes

The one thing about the Honda Accord is no 60/40 split rear seat.
It Is a minor issue but when we go fishing we usually put the one side down and put the rods through.

Willl the accord last 10 more years with minimal issues.

I do like the accord but it's a 2013 ,,,it looks great...just trying to see if anyone knows of any problems with that vehicle.
And i like that it is a 6cyl.

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