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1999 LeSabre Air Ride Delete

05-01-2021, 09:07 PM
In a nutshell, I need guidance for changing an original equipment '99 LeSabre with horrendous road manners to conventional suspension. The back end bottoms out over bridge joiners on highways! No attendant clicking ,grinding, popping or whining sounds. I have maintenance and some rebuilding aptitude and want to have information to take care of this myself on the cheap while I'm off work before the decision is made to junk it. We already had paid my B-I-L $600 to have the head machined and rebuilt and the motor has been running like it's had 1,000 mi taken off from it!

05-01-2021, 11:11 PM
Welcome to Automotive Forums, Mobile..
i am actually looking for property in your neck of the woods..
tired on eight plus months of snow and ice above 9000ft..

as to your dilemma; KYB sells replacement struts and shocks, and kits to delete the air rides of most GMs.. we actually used to swap them into cadillacs; while working at the dealership, as the OEM units were always on backorder..


this might help..

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