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Hybrid SUVs with good trunk space?

03-28-2021, 06:37 PM
Hi! Hoping some of you experts can help me, a person who is bad at cars, figure out what to buy.

We'd like a used SUV to replace our '07 Honda CRV.
We have a budget of 20-25k.
We periodically have to put things like furniture in it. Around as much trunk space as the CRV (36').
It has to have great safety ratings (my wife is a nervous driver).
It doesn't have to be an SUV, it just has to have good trunk space.

At this point we're leaning toward a Forester, because our other car is an Impreza and it's been fine, idk.

But: can we get a hybrid that checks all these boxes? Is that a thing? I gather sometimes the big-ass battery is back there and there's no trunk room left, which sortof defeats the purpose.

Your insight and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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