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Car buying advice

03-11-2021, 05:29 PM
I've had pretty good success applying a few tricks I've learned, when buying a car. First off, I never go to a dealership to purchase a random car. I do the research before going, and I know which car, specifically, that I want. I search online, locate the car I want and request a test drive online. Never disclose to the car salesman what payment range your comfortable with or how to choose to pay. Try to discuss the car price, after you've test drove the car and know you want it. I normally test drive a few cars before deciding too, and give it time to not seem desperate or too eager. I normally test drive, and say I'm going to discuss it with my wife. Then I engage the salesman through email or text and make an offer. I never pay what they are asking, period. Always negociate lower then you goal payment or price. You'll go back and forth a few times with the sales manager, but they always budge a little at the least. Then from this point discuss terms and down payment to lower your payment further. It works for me Everytime, but negotiations are a lost art. Don't be afraid to walk away.

03-11-2021, 09:26 PM
If a dealership says "prices are firm", "no haggling", or something of the sort I wouldn't even give them business. It amazes me that people deal with places like CarMax. They think it makes the buying process "easier" when all it does is lines CarMax's pockets even more.

I laugh at the prices they have cars listed for, but there is a sucker born every minute and they eventually sell.

When I bought my Lancer I actually was a little desperate. The transmission had failed on my Grand Prix on a Friday afternoon so I had to get a car on Saturday. The Lancer wasn't even really on my radar, but after finding a 5 speed GTS at a local Nissan dealer for a decent price I went to check it out.

While the salesman was doing his spiel I was researching the value on my phone. I was also doing the math to figure out what my payment would be. He came back with paperwork and after I looked it over I handed it back to him and told him I wasn't paying that price. He looked at me like I stole his puppy. I told him it was too much.

He tried to justify it, and I finally stopped him and said look, I know what the car is worth, I get it that I am getting a 4 year warranty on a used car, but its still not worth that. If you'll work with me I'll be back on Monday with a certified check for $15,000.

He looked at me and was like "What, are you paying cash." I said "No, I'll get the loan straightened out over the weekend. I'll get a far better interest rate than what you have here too." (They had something like a 5 or 6% interest rate.)

He asked me what made me think I could get a better rate to which I simply replied, "I have an 820 credit score m*ther f*cker. Right now I can go to State Farm and get a loan with 3.9% interest"

His eyes went wide and he managed to stammer out "Let me go back to the finance manager to see what we can do. You said you'd do $15k out the door?"

I nodded and he came back 10 minutes later with new paperwork with the price I wanted. If they weren't willing to negotiate I would have walked. As much as I cared I could have rented a car until I found something I wanted and could afford.

03-11-2021, 11:06 PM
i usually ask the 'vulture' what he drives.. if not what he's 'pedalling', i walk..
had a guy try to sell a new saturn to girlfriend who wanted the SAAB. i asked
what he drove, he said ford ranger; "..but the saturn is a great car.." we came back
at end of month, prior to them having to pay taxes on inventory, and bought the SAAB from another salesperson for 2 grand less.

07-20-2021, 01:29 AM
If you don't know much about cars, i always suggest taking it to a mechanic for a check-up before you buy it.

He'll tell you in what condition the car is and what work needs to be done. Not only it will prevent them from scamming you, but if there is some work to be done on the car, it'll be easier to get the price down

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