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Collapsible/Extendable Bumper with Friction Elements

02-12-2021, 01:07 PM
Here is an idea of a bumper that stops the car within 1 m, what is much more than the pinch zone offers. The bumper automatically collapses when the speed is very low ("maneuver" speed) so that the car is not longer than a normal car when parking or maneuvering. When the speed grows, the bumper extends and is prepared to absorb the collision energy. The force, which the bumper will collapse with upon a collision, is automatically adjusted to the current speed, so that the deceleration will not be too big if not needed.

If you are interested in details of this solution, please e-mail to me (rather than post on this forum) and I will send the details by e-mail. I don't expect any profit - I just want this idea to be implemented widely.

Adam Kleiner
ul. Jaworowa 3
30-327 Kraków

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