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My 280zxt is running rich, any advice on fixing this ?.

01-12-2021, 09:37 AM

Yo wuz up ya'll. Name's Matt. first time posting, long time Z enthusiast. My 240sx/ s13/ 180sx threw a piston, so I did the only logical thing to do. I got me a 1980 Datsun 280zx 10th annverssary limited edition. It's got an 83 turbo engine. the car runs perfect. but it's rich. the gas fumes are barely tolerable, but im getting used to them. the oxy censor isn't connected, but there's nothing to connect. the wire that would other wise go there, is totally gone. if any one here can help me figure out why im running rich, or how to stop it, I would really appreaciate it. Here's a list of the cars https://krogerfeedback.nl https://talktosonic.onl https://talktowendys.vip https://whataburgersurvey.onl that have beaten my 280zxt. I aint proud of this, but i must share the pain. 99' pontiac fire bird. 84' 300zx turbo. and the most embarrasing. while in 5th gear, full throtle. i see this fool trying to catch up to me. so i step on it. im giving it all i got, but the bastard runs me down and leaves me behind. what mystery car is this you say? a fu...ing 00' toyota corolla type s. why!? why!? i haven't slept since. any how, help me fix my car.


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