My 2011 Audi A5 2.0t Build!

11-09-2020, 07:34 PM
Hey guys! On this thread I will be documenting the build process of my 2011 A5. Currently it is equipped with a full stage 2 set up. This includes an APR Carbon Fiber intake, South Bend stage 2 clutch, Unitronic downpipe, and a stage 2 APR ECU tune. However, it's not done yet! Here are some of my plans:

Urgent plans (need to be done ASAP):
New turbo

Future plans:
Front splitter
Rear ducktail spoiler
S5 style rear valance/diffuser
Quad tip exhaust system
Side skirts
RS5 style grille (honeycomb)
RS5 style fog light housings (honeycomb)
Nardo Grey wrap
Powdercoat current rims black (S5 rims)
Get new rims (winter/summer set)
Flush it out (spacers)
Drop it on coilovers (probably around an inch)
Carbon fiber mirrors
Stage 2+ Tune
K04 or other upgraded turbo
Upgraded diverter valve
Turbo muffler delete
Debadge the "A5" and "2.0t" off the rear end

I'm thinking very exterior/appearance heavy right now, but I'm sure other engine/power/handling upgrades will come to me eventually. Stay tuned, and hopefully I'll be back soon with some good news!!

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