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HELP - transacted with Nils Støttrup

09-26-2020, 12:41 PM
I hope this can be posted here, and I hope we have members who's experienced transacting with Nils Støttrup.

I joined the FB group Sports Car, Racing and GT3 scale model builders a while back (maybe mid-August) and saw Nils Støttrup post a few kits for sale (my mistake was not taking a screenshot of his post as I can no longer find it). I paid him €50 total for a Hasegawa 1/24 LanEvo I Beijing-HK rally version (kit price + shipping to the Philippines) last September 24 through a friend's paypal (my paypal was being a PITA and wouldn't work properly with my bank). The next day (9/5), I messaged him to confirm if he recieved the payment, and no reply. The next day I sent him over my delivery address details, but no reply. September 12, I messaged and still no reply. A few minutes ago, I saw his status in FB Messenger as active so I asked if there's any update to this transaction, and still no reply.

So I have a few questions to this group:
1. Who else has transacted with Nils to buy a kit?
2. If you've done a transaction with him, did it turn out well or same as mine?

Thank you all, hope to get a resolution to this soon.

10-03-2020, 01:12 PM
its a member with the same name in this model building club in denmark,mabye you can be a member,and ask about him there


10-04-2020, 02:57 PM
Got a reply from Nils and so far it looks like issue's resolved (pending actually having the kit with me).


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