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C Williams Motorcar Ventures Autumn Auto Showcase 2020

08-31-2020, 11:23 AM
C Williams Motorcar Ventures would like to invite members of the Automotive Forums community to attend or participate in our debut event, which is to take place at the James Family Farm in Port Perry, ON between September 19-20, 2020 (Saturday-Sunday).

The event will be held to provide GTA automotive communities a meet-style venue for all car lovers to gather and mingle with each other and leading experts in the automotive industry. The event could also serve as a venue for your community to host its own “cars-and-coffee” style meetup! The event will feature expert panels and guest speakers including Winnie and Bruce Meyers, inventors of the original Manx dune buggy, as well as access to an indoor area with catered meals for VIP Ticket holders.

All ticket holders (General and VIP) will be given free tee shirts and will have access to the general lot which will be sectioned into six categories (Japanese, American, German, British, Italian, and all others which don’t fit into any of the previous five, including off-roaders etc.), outdoor patio seating, food vendors on the premises, optional valet parking at no additional cost, and more!

Of course, the event will be in strict accordance with COVID-19 regulations, social distancing guidelines will be observed, and sanitization stations will be present throughout the venue.

Please visit www.cwmotorco.com for more information about the event. We know the many automotive enthusiast communities in the GTA area are eager for an awesome event after a pretty dry season, and would be happy to provide the space for anyone interested in everything automotive, whether just getting into it or an experienced auto enthusiast, to come out and enjoy the beautiful weather, surroundings, and most importantly awesome vehicles!

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