Shady circumstances with seller...

07-27-2020, 12:53 PM
So I'm looking for a cheap used car for my daughter to drive, and ran across this 2009 Hyundai Sonata near me. Vin is listed as 5NPET46C09H537005. It is in really good condition, and the seller is responding to me like a human being. no red flags yet. First red flag was when I asked for his address so I could come take a look at it. He gave it to me, and it's in the city he listed in the ad, but it's in a real run down part of town, not anywhere like the nice neighborhood he took the pictures of the car in. Not really a red flag, just more of a huh, raised eyebrow thought.

Anyway, I wasn't put off too much by that. But I ran an autocheck on the VIN, and then I notice that it's never been registered in my state, and the miles are higher than he put in the ad. Also, noticed that the color in the autocheck was reported as silver, his car is white. He says he's owned it for 4 years, but this one was sold at auction this month 1,500 miles away from me.

I ask him for a pic of the miles on the odometer in the actual car, funny enough, they match up kind of with the autofax, but not with his ad. Nothing is really matching up. he sends me a pic of the vin on the car, and it's not the one in the ad. I run that one, and it is exactly the same, but the last three digits are different (5NPET46C09H537361). Anyway, that vin checks out, seems to be in line with the car he has, the mileage from the pic he sent me and everything.

But either way, he spooked me enough I'm not interested anymore lol. Is there a common scam or something where someone will post a car with a vin slightly similar, maybe one that has a a REALLY clean report, but maybe the buyer won't notice isn't his car? But why put the wrong mileage? Also, the autocheck report of his car wasn't bad either, just not as squeaky clean as the other one.

Just seems weird. Not really looking for advice, I've decided not to go down and look at it, but just curious what you all think of it. I can post links and copies of the reports if anyone is curious.

Edit: I told him I wasn't interested, somewhat called him on it, told him there were too many inconsistencies for me and suggested he fix the vin and mileage in his ad. He responded with the following: "If I was hidden something I wouldn't send you any information and for a car between $2000 and $3000 that's all you gonna get if you want a new car get your self more money and go buy a new one from a dealer"

Typical angry response from someone hiding something.

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