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Top 5 Commercial Paint Sprayers for Painting

You may choose any low-end to medium paint sprayer as your best paint sprayer for ceilings but It comes to commercial spraying, you need a commercial-grade paint sprayer that will accomplish your work efficiently without creating a mess. Find out more on Top 5 Paint Sprayer Reviews available here as well as product user guidelines to discover your ideal commercial paint spraying matches. The following are the top 5 commercial paint sprayers you must discover now.

Fuji Industrial Spray Equipment PLATINUM

From Top 5 Paint Sprayer Reviews (, this is one of the quietest HVLP spray systems you can find around. It has an extra power that regulates further thinning of viscous paint for finer atomization. It comes with a variable speed dial control to monitor or adjust the speed of the motor. The heat dissipation chamber provides quiet operation, and there is a side control knob that adjusts the size of the pattern from small to large. It comes with a 25ft. hose for spraying. The hose also includes an air valve that reduces overspray plus bounces back. This package comes with a 5 for 5 bonus kit plus manufacturer warranty. It comes with a gravity-fed paint cup plus quick-connect couplings for extra convenience.

Titan ControlMax 1700 Pro 580006

This is one of the best airless paint sprayers you can find around. It comes with a cart that allows you to push the sprayer around on wheels to handle commercial and home spraying needs. With HEA technology, the risk of overs-praying decreases by as much as 55%.

It is designed for handymen who want to spray like a professional. It applies coatings at 3 times faster speed than a roller. The efficient airless technology supports up to 1500 PSI pressure that can spray up to 300 gallons a year. The all-metal spray gun optimizes a 50ft hose that can be extended to 100 ft. for a wider reach.

The variable speed pump can dispense up to 0.33 gallons of paint per minute for great productivity. This product will attain a height of 50 ft. which means you may not need a ladder for certain jobs. With a 2-year warranty, you can rest assured of a good quality spray painter.

Graco Magnum 257025 Project Painter Plus Paint Sprayer

Another commercial-grade paint sprayer you should not ignore. It offers a control paint flow which is the main adjustable pressure feature to help you match the right paint volume with project size. Here is also a RAC IV switch tip that automatically switches the tip of the spray gun when one tip is clogged. It only sprays paint that is untinned at high pressure and the tip sizes vary from 0.009 to 0.015inch.

You can choose between 1 to 5 gallons of the paint bucket and spray directly from them. The annual use recommendation is 50 gallons of paint per year. This is a corded paint sprayer that can be stored and operate easily. With a power flush adapter, this spray gun will connect easily to your garden hose for easy cleanup. It is suitable for areas that can be difficult for some other corded sprayers to reach when painting. I will support up to 50 ft of pain hose distance. This device also requires 110 -220 volts of power to operate.

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Wagner Spraytech 518050 Stain Sprayer

This yellow-colored stain sprayer is a double duty sprayer. It is an HVLP superior-performing device that uses two-stage turbine technology to complete the paint-finishing of any surface, whether indoor or outdoor. You may want to call it the best portable paint sprayer because It weighs much less than many of its competitors

The superior nozzle on this gun is highly versatile as It sprays different paint materials effortlessly. The nozzle is also durable and will last long. Use the regulator on the rigger of the spray gun to adjust the material volume and create a smooth material flow. The spray pattern can also be adjusted to spray horizontally, vertically, and in a round motion.

This spray gun is of great advantage because It works with different materials including thin stains, sealers and vanishes, and thicker pains like latex. The package comes with 2 material cups, and these are the 1-quart for the interior and the 1.5-quart cup for the exterior. This spray gun is not just designed for commercial purpose, it is also suitable for home painting, especially your decks, patio, garage, and interior or exterior of your main home.

Graco 16Y385 TrueCoat 360 Paint Sprayer

One of the few paint sprayers that can spray pains 360 degrees. It guarantees continuous spraying because you have access to a reversible tip that works when a tip is clogged. It sprays paint untinned, it does this through the steel piston pump will ensure that you spray paint at high pressure.

The VacuValve Technology will allow you to spray in a different direction through its air-tight system and you can also spray upside down without spilling the paint. It is suitable for multi-color painting and the recommended use is 25 gallons a year which can be quite low for a commercial-grade paint sprayer. There is a FlexLiner bag that has replaced pain cups in this device. It comes with in-handle storage for proper handling. It comes with a lot of other accessories that will enhance your painting experience.

Commercial Paint Sprayers The Bottom Line**

Looking for a commercial paint sprayer is different from an interior paint sprayer; you need to understand your needs before you commence searching. You will need more pain quantities for your commercial painting but what matters most is finding a sprayer that can withstand long hours of commercial paint. Some commercial paint sprayers can also work for basic residential DIY painting needs, perhaps you should consider such to save money on buying separate paint sprayers. The guide on*Best Commercial Paint Sprayers - High Quality Professional Paint Sprayer Reviews (,46/How-to-ship-a-dirtbike-engine,1375350) which offer more insight into choosing the best sprayers for commercial jobs.

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